Do You Want To Know Why I Act The Way I Do?

Great month here! Happy wonderful, great and transformation month to you all!


Happy-Birthday-Cake-To-YouTo start with, what do you know about my month? Do you know why I am amiable and showered with favoured the time? It is because God created & brought me forward in a great month where great and heroic figures in our contemporary world are born-Bishop David O. Oyedepo was born in this great month as well. You see what I mean?

September is one of the greatest months in the history of humanity! Before the BC it was called the seventh month…that is why September children are mostly referred to as a Perfectionist. Do you know why? It’s the only month that has 9th letters and in the 9th position! What a special one indeed!

We are classified as ‘perfectionists’; people born in the month of September are extremely hard working. Of course those that know me can testify that we are detail-oriented and organized (though for me, I am really working towards perfecting my organization skills) and are almost perfect in whatever they do. happy-birthday-to-me








The only challenge most of the time is that we often like to point out other people’s mistakes and criticize them even for trivial matters( I must say that I have overcome this aspect of me-I no longer do these). Otherwise, we are calm and composed individuals and generally excel in the professions such as medicine, law, TEACHING, WRITING AND DESIGNING.





It is no news that September children are lovable, assiduous, lucky and possess good communication skills as I am an embodiment of that! More often than not, my friends always assert that I have an unusual courage and boldness to the challenges of life. For me, anything is possible!

IMG_7000 IMG_7008

What do you think about my personality? I will be glad to read your analyses. Please, wish me the best in this new phase of my life because it is my birthday! Thank you!

Stella Adu


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my birthday





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