Telemarketing @ Upgrade Conference 2015

#upgradeng2015The world indeed has gone digital. Telephone is one of the first digital tools that an average person in our society is exposed to; so it is important to maximize it well. Your phone is enough to serve as your office when building a career/business. From the word telemarketing, it simply means a method of selling and taking orders for sale by telephone. Say what you will about telemarketing but those businesses that choose to hire a staff of telephone sales professionals have much to gain. Telemarketers can help a company go far in building their lead base as well as increase sales for the company. It will also in the area costumer relations. If you’re interested in entering the sales field, a telemarketing job may prove to be a good idea, especially if you’d like to acquire some real-world sales skills but you’re not quite ready to encounter prospective clients face-to-face.


Tips to Help in Growing into a Stellar Telesales Representative

  1. Before you dial a prospective client’s telephone number, be absolutely certain that you know how to pronounce the person’s name correctly. If you’re unsure then check with a peer or supervisor, or research the proper pronunciation online. If you begin a call by mispronouncing a prospect’s name, it will tip that person off that you don’t know who he or she is and you’ll quickly lose their interest. Remember that your first impression matters. The appearance of success is very important even on phone. Do you know that your voice may be the impression that a client needs to do business with you?
  2. Have good product knowledge of what you are selling-possess a good knowledge of your company and the correct terms to use. Build a personality that is magnetic. Own every product you sell.
  3. Begin each shift with a positive and cheerful attitude and do whatever works best for you to maintain that peppiness through to the last call. Prospects pick up on a negative or somber tone in your voice and, again, will lose interest quickly. A positive and upbeat tone, however, can be contagious. Ensure you are intentional/deliberate on everything you say, however be more cautious.
  4. Be flexible, open and sensitive: Learn to observe the mood of your client even from the way they sound on phone. You could say this: “Sorry sir is it a good time to call or should I call later, what time would be ok with you please?”
  5. Endeavour to sound professional: Be systematic, have a system for your telemarketing. If it will take you to write a script for your telemarketing, please do. When it comes to learning a script provided to you by your employer, be sure you understand and memorize the most important key points of the script. Become familiar enough with it so you only need to refer to it minimally. Make the script your own by customizing portions of it to match your personality, but make sure that you stick to any language your company requires you to use when describing products or services.
  6. Answer the incoming calls before the third ring. Answer like this: “Good morning, this is Stella Gtext Media speaking, who am I speaking with or how may I be of help to you please?” Don’t shout nor rush so that you can be heard. Instead of “OK” ‘No problem” say “very well” or “Certainly” Don’t leave callers on hold without asking them for permission to do so.
  7. Do not answer business call in a noisy environment. It does not speak well about your brand.
  8. Continuous practice is very important. Practice reciting your script or making mock phone calls frequently, whether you’re just starting out or have been on the job for a while. In fact, practice your phone calls to somebody with whom you feel comfortable or even with your phone and mirror. Train your voice to be positive. More than likely, that person will help you relax and speak with more confidence. During these exercises take note of your tone and energy so you can carry both of those things into your calls with prospects.
  9. Always create a conversation: Begin your calls strong but be sure you maintain that strength throughout the duration of your call. If you begin with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and the call lasts longer than you anticipated, the prospect will recognize that you have moved away from your script and are flying solo. It’s important that you display confidence in your subject matter and interest in your interaction until the call has completed.
  10. A. Q: Frequently ask questions, however your lines of action have. Imagine the questions your client may want to ask you and find a suitable solution to it.
  11. Closely study and review all of the detailed features and benefits of the product or service you’re offering. Ideally, the prospect will begin to ask questions and your ability to quickly articulate your answers to those questions can make all the difference in whether the prospect chooses to buy from you or not. You want to make sure that you have all the answers available at any given moment, and that you rarely need to place a prospect on hold to find the answer. Never give a halfhearted answer because of uncertainty.
  12. If you begin to notice a pattern in the types of questions prospects ask in which you do not have a good answer, or patterns in the concerns or objections prospects express during your calls, be sure to note those observations and tell your client you will get back to them. Do not give an answer you are not sure of, it mi. Later, you can share them with your telemarking peers or supervisor so you can work together to form an effective solution for future calls.
  13. IMG_0505


These tips really ought to help give you a foundation from which you can perform well as a telemarketer. Your company will no doubt provide additional phone sales training that will not only help you close more sales but will also ensure that you represent the products, services, and the company in a manner that is desirable and consistent with other telemarketers. Beyond that, refer to your other sales skills and knowledge and don’t give up in the face of rejection. Most importantly, your phone may be all that you need to kick that your business and even move it to the next level. It’s inherent in you, always receive or return calls if you aren’t available as at the time your prospects calls.

A presentation by Stella Adu


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