The Creme de la creme of our society

#prolificstella #HappyNewMonth

Do you know what this month of August has in stock for you? Knowledge they say is powerful but I tell you, Wisdom is more powerful!



How do I mean? Knowledge is having a tangible information at your finger tips while wisdom is the application of that information(Knowledge). Yea!

august_011August simply means respect, awesome, distinguished, dignified, majestic, noble, great, honour etc. All of these and much more shall be your potion this month in Jesus name!

For those born in the month of August, how much do you know about your month? Check out these descriptions and re-educate yourself if you care to:








Do I have a weakness in here? Say “AMEN!” if you believe that August is your month of change of status! It does not matter when you receive this message; the most important thing now is to start addressing yourself just as the month of August has addressed you!August-13-Poppy_herbarium-calendar-2560x1440

Enjoy it all and remember to be a blessing to someone out there each day of this month! Be blessed as you do so!

Stella Adu




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