A Quick Reminder here!

It’s my pleasure to welcome you all to a new week full of all your heart desires met! Be the best you can be and keep pushing hard your goal. Be happy with yourself and with others.stella4
Make a difference. While making a difference touch lives and help others achieve good success.
Live for God because he is the owner of your soul. He has created you for one main reason-to serve Him with all that you have, so don’t take him for granted for you not to be grounded.

However think big and make an earnest effort to chase your dreams. Go ahead and put all your virtues and strength to achieve them.

stella(2)Remember that our mind is a magnet. If you think of blessings, you attract blessings; if you think of problems, you attract problems, thus what you get is a product of your thought. Always cultivate good thoughts and remain positive and optimistic.

stella2 copyAlso remember to do me a Favour by vote my MD, Stephen Akintayo as JCI 2015 Young Outstanding Person of the year. Simply text his name-Stephen Akintayo to 08133940940 or visit www.toyp.jci.ng and click on his picture to vote him.

Thank you.

Success don't just happen you make it happen!

Success don’t just happen you make it happen! Together let’s make it happen.

It’s a great week and fruitful week for you in Jesus name!.

Stella Adu


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