How was your Weekend?

IMG_4807 IMG_4810 IMG_4811 IMG_4812It’s a great weekend already for me as you can see my picture collections…. I woke up this morning dressed up, intending to go for a family wedding to rejoice with the prospective couple this morning now married now anyway. It is good to honour people’s invitation if you have the time because you never can tell who will honour yours. Since I needed to report to the office briefly today, I quickly dashed to the office for the seminar we organized for those that want to start, build and established a speaking career. Do you know that I ended up not attending the wedding because the seminar got extended…gushhhhh! After dressing up… Anyway I enjoyed my weekend, it was impactful and full of fun…! How about yours?

IMG_4815 IMG_4817

Stella Adu


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