Stephen Akintayo’s Platform-I am Privileged..!


It will interest you to know that I wasn’t given prior information to give this speech not until we got to the venue of the program; where my company-Gtext Media and Investment sent my colleagues and me to exhibit our products & services. It was Professional Career Expo 2015 held at Event Centre opposite Fela’s shrine, Ikeja. A program designed to help fresh graduate, entrepreneurs and business owners build a more enjoyable and fulfilling career for themselves, to scale higher in their of careers/businesses, how to dive into more business opportunities to make extra income without leaving their present work, the list of benefits packaged in the program are endless.

IMG_4464For me, I count it a great privilege to stand before great people to add value to their lives; seriously I do not take that for granted.






That is why I want everyone to join me to vote Stephen Akintayo as JCI 2015 Outstanding Person of the year. Kindly text his name-Stephen Akintayo to 08133940940 or visit now. JCI AWARD BANNERThank you.







I have tagged my 30minutes presentation:

“Simple Ways of Building a Career”

Building a career is a long term job for anyone who cares to, regardless of how free or independent you want to be. Without a proper strategy, it is highly likely that you will end up wasting your time running after experience that is not relevant to you.growth








It is important to say here that there is a big gap between Schooling and Education. Simply put, schooling is more of gaining knowledge via the four walls of school while education goes across application of knowledge acquired in the experience we get in life generally. Education





No lecturer or institution has what it takes to live a successful life. Thus, everyone needs to go get knowledge by all means; even if it paying for it. If anyone thinks the means of acquiring a particular knowledge is expensive such person should try ignorance; he/she will be shocked that ignorance is far more expensive! Do you know that what you don’t know might be killing you…?







The key is to know what the right steps are. Consider the following areas and tips within those areas.

  • Networking:

Attending events is the secret to networking because it gives you exposure to a lot of individuals and people. My MD always says that “It is your network that determines your net-worth.” When you do initiate conversations you should have a complimentary card that can tell people what you do.IMG_4466 You should also establish targets for each event in terms of getting to know a set number of new people or even one single big individual. Don’t be careless with contact!


  • Job hunting :

Fixing your social media accounts should be the first order of the day because recruiters often check potential candidates’ accounts. Establishing a portfolio, even if it is for work with a charity organization, can be very helpful. Don’t be careless about what you do on social media! What you do on social media give the world a particular impression about you, hence, be careful!


  • Interviews:

When you go to interview, make sure you impress everyone including the receptionist as opposed to just focusing on the interviewer. Get your body language right and prepare relevant questions in advance. Please note that when you are asked to introduce yourself don’t start telling them about your background but about the values you can add to the company and emphasis more on your strength.

  •  Skill building:

There are certain skills that recruiters attach a lot of importance to such as an understanding of how selling works even if you are not aiming for that field. Other skills to focus on include digital knowledge, fine dining skills, experience abroad, and even charity. Ensure that you include your skill(s) to your resume.

  •  Working:

Working tips all relate to interpersonal relationships and office politics. You need to make sure that you appreciate your boss and that he knows it. At the same time, you need to be very careful of your office associations. Be on top of your job.

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Thank you for the audience.

Stella Adu


BBM PIN: 55856866

Instagram: ProlificStella

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