Friends, Please Show Love to My Mentor…!

This is your week of honour! Vote Stephen Akintayo as JCI 2015 Outstanding Young Person of the year by texting Stephen Akintayo to 08133940940 or visit kingly share for more people to vote. Thank you. Enjoy your week.


Vote Stephen Akintayo for JCI 2015

Hello beloved friends. Once again happy New Month. JCI AWARD BANNER

Today, it gladdens my heart to inform you that JCI Nigeria has nominated my MD,STEPHEN AKINTAYO-The Digital Marketer and Mentor; Basket Mouth, Adichie Chimamanda Ngozi,Jideonwo Chude,Asuquo Cobhams, DON JAZZY and 5 others as Nigerians to win this year’s Young Persons of the World Award ,The winners of the Nigerian award will take part in the world nominations,JCI TOYP serves to formally recognize young people who excel in Thierry chosen field.



  1. Stephen Akintayo is a young and an assiduous man that is adding value to the world around him with all of his resources. He has and he is still giving back to the society from the little God has blessed him with by organizing different mind blowing seminars FREE! He believes that knowledge shared will always multiply. What…

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