5 Reasons Why Children should be celebrated

I will forever love the company of children; not because I have a ministry with them, but because there is this awe of possibility I feel anytime I have the opportunity to chat one –on-one with them. In my few years of teaching as a professional teacher; I have seen a few of these virtues in them which I think it is worth celebrating every time it is their day. In Nigeria we celebrate children on the 27th day in May. While some other countries have their special dedicated days they do likewise.

IMAG1355I must say here that of the major reasons we should celebrate children is:

The traits of a child are enough reasons why we should celebrate them. Here are some of the blessings children give to those around them:

1) Innocence

IMG_20141026_124207They are pure and unpolluted from the world. They are sponges that will soak up whatever their environment is in life, good or bad. They have a clean slate and can love anything and do anything if fed with healthy encouragement. Children are the ones that have the biggest dreams and believe they can do anything. They believe life is simple and so are the problems in it. Many adults like to complicate issues, and if you ask a child, they will usually give you a simple solution. If they are taught right from wrong they are the biggest motivators for adults on doing the right thing. “Mommy, you said that was a swear word.” “Daddy we should pray for that person.” The innocence of a child brings a sunbeam of hope to this world.

IMG-20131016-WA00072) Simplicity

Children love the simple pleasures in life. Life’s busyness and brokenness changes an adult’s perspective, so many adults lose sight of the blessings around them. Children are content and happy with the little they have. Give them a box or card for Christmas and they are happy. A child’s pure love for simplicity is refreshing to those around them; their mindset of thinking life to be simple opens others eyes and helps them see the thanksgivings we have in life. Not only do children think life to be simple but the simplest gift from a child, like a: kiss, smile, hug, laugh or piece of art feels like an abundant act of love to those around them.

IMG_20140518_1203473) Faith

They have so much faith in people and in themselves. Children have no fear in being themselves which in general allows them to be the friendliest age group in the human race. They also have unconditional love towards people, especially towards their parents. Whether you’re their parent, friend, or acquaintance children trust you. They believe the best in people which is an excellent healthy trait to have in life.

4) Outlook

Children are usually more positive than adults and because of this they help adults see the world through their eyes. As my mom would say, they have rose-colored-glasses. They help you rediscover the simple pleasures in life by teaching us adults to slow down. For example, an infant fascination with how a fan spins. This simple appliance goes unnoticed but brings joy and mystery to a kid. Every moment with a child is an adventure. Their imagination is entertaining and their energy is contagious. From all these lessons children teach parents on how to become more like Jesus.

5) Light

Children give us so much; they allow us to witness the miracle of beginnings of life and growth. They are precious gifts from God, lifelong investments that bless adults with so much-“that is the more reason why the bible says blessed is he that has his quiver full of them”. Children are teachers- as a teacher’ I have learnt a lot from my children in the course of teaching, they teach parents to be selfless, humble, and compassionate. Children bring out the best in people because they teach us important lessons; they are the sun-rays in this dark world that we need to remember to appreciate. Thus; we must see them as the future of our great nation Nigeria, they are the ones that will rescue us from this political saga that is ranging our peace as a nation. Their education should not be taken lightly. I am wishing every child and every child, student I have been privileged to teach and be a contributor to their destiny as well happy children’s day! May your future never be aborted in Jesus name!IMG-20140629-01142

Stella Adu


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