Why is Mobile Marketing So Important for Entrepreneurs?

It is no news that the mobile phone is now the best office anyone can ever have because it is important to know that mobile marketing is an important market that is too big to ignore in our contemporary world. Just like the MTN latest advert that says “Apptitude is the best attitude to learning….”mobile Hence it is important for every entrepreneur to go digital; the truth is that the world has gone digital and so should any anyone and any business that want to remain relevance; there is need for constant empowerment digitally. This is one of the reasons my MD is committed to organizing trainings on “Become a digital marketing consultant” This Saturday 30th May there is another important training at Sheraton Hotel 30, Mobolaji BankAnthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos. It is important for every entrepreneur to make it to that training. If anyone thinks education is expensive such should try ignorance..!

IMG_1785Today, I will like to a few reasons why mobile marketing is expedient to every entrepreneur. I’m sure you’re well aware of the emergence of smartphones and tablets, but really focus on how prevalent they are the next time you’re, well…the next time you’re anywhere. Take a minute to observe your surroundings when you’re in these places or situations:


  • The workplace – have you ever called anybody ‘at the office’ anymore? Not often, as our phones are always with us, even at meetings or during lunch. Many people also use their smartphones after work to keep up with the never-ending flow of emails. Meanwhile, tablets are gaining prominence in offices as they’re often used in the field to take notes and record video or for sales and presentations.
  • Churches –even in worship place, you will notices that people no longer want to carry their bibles and jotter anymore because they prefer the easy way-mobile, smartphones and tabs
  • IMG_2717Entries – the next time you’re in a coffee shop, count the number of devices you see in the store. Chances are there will be a few people fiddling with their phones in line, some others sitting alone having a coffee and reading the news or playing a game on their tablets, and the rest will be sitting in pairs or groups talking (but phones will still be in hand or somewhere close, may be on the table). No crystal ball here – just reality.
  • Shopping – whether it’s checking their list at the grocery store, comparing product reviews and prices, or texting without watching where they’re walking, people are using their phones while they’re on the move.
  • A family function – check it out over the holiday season when you visit family. You’ll see both kids and adults reading and playing games on tablets and everybody will be checking their phones in between pauses in conversation. The lucky ones will get phones, tablets or other devices as gifts. what did you think they are checking, they want to check and reply their mails, messages, current news, where best to buy and do business, etc.IMG_2628

So, what all these hypothetical anecdotes have to do with mobile marketing and your business? Simply put, there are a lot of people living in the mobile arena, which means that’s where marketing needs to go. Look at the dawn of TV and the computer; new, poplar mediums attract scores of people, and the best marketing follows the people.

Here are a few reasons why putting your company into the mobile marketing game is so important:


IMG_2970According to the Pew Internet & Life Project as of 2013, 56% of adult Americans have a smartphone and 35% have tablets. These numbers are rapidly rising year over year, especially among the younger generations (your future customers). You have to be where your customers are to be successful and your customers – no matter what business you’re in – are living in a mobile world. The optics for companies who refuse to get involved in the mobile market aren’t good – it looks like they are either falling behind and losing touch or they just don’t care. Consumers are giving businesses an opportunity to engage with them on a level they’re comfortable with…what’s not to love about that? For perception’s sake, try mobile marketing on for size…you may like how it feels.

EfficiencyIMG_2930 IMG_2921

Do you want to give your customers a consistent brand experience across all relevant mediums? Check for responsive web design. Do you want to reach your customers at the right times when they’re in the right locations? Check for GPS monitoring. Do you want to interact with your customers in new and interesting ways? Check for QR codes. Mobile marketing works and it’s out there making your competitors’ campaigns more efficient. By effectively integrating with your current digital marketing strategies, mobile marketing can increase engagement, boost conversions and enhance overall results of your productivity and service delivery as entrepreneur.

Stella Adu


BBM PIN: 55856866


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