I produce CEO Mentorship with Stephen Akintayo

About The Radio Programme: CEO mentorship with Stephen Akintayo

CEO mentorship with Stephen Akintayo focuses on success-stories of CEOs with household names in the world of career and business with over ten years’ experience. It is a known fact that in our everyday life, people strive for success in business/career to get to the top; but the irony of it all is that, a lot are sincerely wrong in their approach to starting a business and building a career of their choice! It is either they are doing the right thing in the wrong way or doing the wrong thing in the right way; which would continue to lead to unending frustration! Thus; Success in business is guaranteed when one is mentored by someone who has acquired deeper knowledge and has over the years, gained indefatigable wealth of experiences in the ups and downs of such business/career. This means that climbing the shoulders of successful giants ahead of you makes you better off your contemporaries. In view of this; , a grandee, motivational speaker, professional digital marketer, Stephen Akintayo launches CEO mentorship– a weekly radio programme which is aimed at guiding individuals on the path of success in their business/career endeavour by bringing great CEOs of impeccable prestige on board; to unleash their success journey so far in their different businesses and careers. Stephen Akintayo ones shared the lesson of one of his mentor’s protégé: When a football star refuses to retire to become a couch; he will soon pay to enter the same stadium others pay to watch him played. But if he does retires to become a couch, when the reigning stars see him; they will point to him and say ’couchy!’ With this; he will not lose relevance”

The vision of The Mentor- Stephen Akintayo is social empowerment, to birth more CEOs in our society so that there will be less job seekers, frustrated entrepreneurs and confused individuals roaming the street.

Each week on the show, a CEO with a household name comes on board to share his/her knowledge and experience on the ladder to success.

The crux of the programme is that at the end of each epistle, one among the listeners is given the opportunity to be mentored by either Stephen Akintayo or the CEO of the week; by filling a sign-up form when they visit www.stephenakintayo.com and like all Stephen Akintayo’s social media platforms. First, the lucky winner gets to have a dinner with the CEO of the week at Protea Hotel & Suits, Select, Ikeja, Lagos. This dinner is sponsored by the host of the programme-Stephen Akintayo. Second, the lucky winner will be mentored by the CEO of the week for 6 months!

CEO mentorship airs on City FM 105.1 every Tuesday from 6:30-7:00pm.

It will interest you to know that the radio programme-CEOmentorship with Stephen Akintayo had featured the likes of Jimi Tewe, Frank Osodi, Dr. karen Joash, Dr. Ope Banwo, Femi Awoyemi, Bunmi Davis, Matthew Stewart and a host of other successful entrepreneurs.

Today’s conference among others gives every individual present here to help the opportunity to ask the most burdening questions of their lives, thereafter get to hear these grandees unleash log lasting solution to business and career plagues

Tune in to CEO mentorship with Stephen Akintayo by 6:300pm and hear what Stephen akintayo’s beneficiaries have to say about the program so far; and testimonies from digital marketing training classes so far, to be a part of our next Digital marketing training…. Don’t miss it for anything! Also we will be talking about our ecommerce website Gstore.com.ng




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