Ready for the dirty job? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Hmm. true talk here..

Fola Daniel Adelesi

In today’s world, although I think it has been like that for a while, you will find so many people who say they are looking for a job but there are so many other kinds of jobs that they can’t do. They don’t want to do certain jobs because they feel it does not match up with their status. If they must get a job it has to be some kind of befitting job that they can proudly tell their colleagues, friends and family members.

That is one of the reasons so many people are remaining in the job market for a very long time and they will not even get the ‘befitting’ job that they are looking for. In trying so hard to get the befitting job and not looking at ‘the dirty jobs’ there are too many people who miss out completely on the jobs they desire so…

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