How Time Flies! #BringBackOurGirls!

It seems no one knows how long it will take to end the untold psychological trauma, pains, confusion, faced by the Chibok Girls in the cruel hands of the dreaded Boko Haram insurgency…. The big questions here therefore linger thus; is there end to this saga? How long will it take to bring back our girls, our daughters, our future leaders and mothers? What is the fate of these innocent ones? What have they really done to deserve this…? What is the state of their minds at the moment psychologically? Will they really come back to remind the same girls, daughters, lassies, adolescents that we know them to be?!



chi images2 images3 militants

I just hope these girls have not been brain watched beyond repair, I just hope there I hope they will not all been mutated into suicide boomers ….We keep hoping and hoping…? We know they are not dead! But how are they now? Only God has all answer to these questions. How sad to hear and an African woman cries! Her tears are deep and tell stories…. It unfolds her experiences and her expectations.

Let’s keep hoping that one day, these girls will come back by themselves because even the militant soldiers sent in search of them; imbue silently that they don’t really know the whereabouts of these adolescents. Oh, what a pity! What an irony indeed!

May be now that power has changed hands, all of these questions will be answered. Wr really hope General Buharri  Professor Osinbajo will see to it that these children are brought back in no time, as it is part of what we expect from them! Today made it 365days –one year exactly that the Chibok Girls were adopted. How time flies! Procrastination is indeed the thief of time and delay is very dangerous!

However, this ultimate search is not for the government alone but the responsibility of all. We must not relent in our effort to seeing that these future mothers brought back to their families! It is the responsibility of everyone to keep praying and hunting for the return of these children. There are depending on our indefatigable hope to keep their fainting hope alive. We must not let them down! Remember that there is hope for the living….

Dear beloved little sisters, we want to let you know that we really miss you, your voice, and everything about you.

Adu Stella


BB PIN: 55856866


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