The social media and Politics


The role played by social media in political participation and electoral campaigns


Some 5years ago, social media was just a network of novelty, but today their important is no longer debated. Yes, businesses and career bodies including politicians have definitely realized the power of social media and accept that social media marketing has to be part of their marketing and public relations.

It is important to know that the Social Media have rapidly grown in importance as a forum for political activism in its different forms. Social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube provide new ways to stimulate citizen engagement in political life, where elections and electoral campaigns have a central role. Even now that the election has just been concluded, for example, using hash when tweeting has helped in following a [articular trending conversion lots of #

Below are the benefits of social media even to politicians

  • Developed loyal fans
  • Increased exposure
  • Increase traffic
  • Generated leads
  • Spread campaign in terms of going viral
  • Improve sales
  • Reduced one-on-one marketing
  • Improve search ranking
  • Increased exposure on the part of the those using it
  • Business growth

Political Benefits of using social media


  1. Personal communication via social media brings politicians and parties closer to their potential voters. It allows politicians to communicate faster and reach citizens in a more targeted manner and vice versa, without the intermediate role of mass media. Reactions, feedback, conversations and debates are generated online as well as support and participation for offline events. Messages posted to personal networks are multiplied when shared, which allow new audiences to be reached.

Although the presence of social media is spreading and media use patterns are changing, online political engagement is largely restricted to people already active in politics and on the Internet. Other audiences are less responsive. For example, television news together with print and online newspapers is still the most important sources of political information. However, social is rally meeting up…

  1. Social media has reshaped structures and methods of contemporary political communication by influencing the way politicians interact with citizens and each other. However, the role of this phenomenon in increasing political engagement and electoral participation is neither clear nor simple.



Facts and Figures

At the end of 2013, marketers now place very high value on social media and concluded that:

  • 86% of marketer now place very high value on social media as import for their business
  • 89% of marketers stated that increased exposure was the number benefits of social media marketing

This important to say here that the social media is not a tool for political propaganda, spreading of unauthentic facts, nor spreading of fake report about what is yet to be declared so let’s everyone ensure that people are not deceived by the what they share on social media; you never can tell who the next person that will pick up the information shared by you is. Remember that information is power, power intoxicates, and power has the ability to influence…

On the whole, the effect of social media cannot be overemphasized in politics; as it is now a major platform to reach even the outside world.

Thanks for reading.





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