gei and gmb

The Aftermath of the Election

It is obvious that Professor A. Jega has tried his best possible for his beloved country, Nigeria by conducting the election thus far with impeccable high level of integrity! What a man of enigmatic spirit, confident in the midst of challenges, collected, cool-headed, unshaken despite intimidation, indefatigable, dispassionate, amicable, gentle, detached, unsentimental, relaxed, dramatic in disposition, easygoing, focused! The adjective for Jega is endless….

However, it is important to take to heart that whether it is GEJ or GMB that wins the election, the PEACE of this country should be our concern! We mustn’t forget that Nigeria amongst other African countries is the must be envied, take that from me! This is a pointer to the fact that the whole world is waiting for the aftermath of this election as we all are expectant that Pro. Jega unveils the authentic result in less than few hours from now…

To keep the ball rolling, every one of us has a duty to perform in ensuring that we realize the true change that we advocated for! It is not about tribalism nor religiosity but responsibility. I remembered what Olakunle Soriyan said “Sincerity is not a factor of production; responsibility is the name of the game!” It is not enough for them to promise heaven on earth but making it a reality. We all are waiting…

I hope that this dream we Nigerians come to pass, if after the announcement of the presidential result: I see Buharri — if he loses — congratulating Jonathan. “I fully accept the outcome and congratulate you. I sincerely hope that you will use your second term to heal national wounds and tackle corruption and insecurity squarely. Accept the assurance of my best wishes,” Buhari tells Jonathan on phone. Mohammed, the APC spokesman, immediately issues a statement congratulating the PDP. “We fought a good fight, but while we have lost the battle, be sure that in 2019 you will have no hiding place. Nigerians want real change not promises of change.”

In the same vain, I see Jonathan- if he loses-Congratulates and even hug Buharri saying “I fully accept the outcome and congratulate you. “I sincerely hope that you will use the second chance given to you by Nigerians wisely in this democratic dispensation, rather than being authoritative, be firm in ensuring that no one exhibits corruption, because this is one major problem I couldn’t handle when I was there”


On the whole, I want to congratulate the winning party there (GMB and his member) and to acknowledge the maturity GEJ displayed by calling GMB. I must say this that you may have lost the election but you won the PEACE of this our great beloved country-Nigeria, thus you are also a hero for showing a good example of a state man! I must say here that history will forever remember you for this… Nigerians, please let’s maintain the PEACE that GEJ stands for.

God bless Nigeria, God bless Nigerian!

Thank you for reading. #IPledgePeace!




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